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Heavy Drone Bunny Guide (HHH/SSS)

We have two heavy Drone Bunnies in our fleets. They perform the exact same role, we require two since only up to 50 drones may be assigned to each bunny.

As HHH/SSS you may receive priority for links, but you will not need them. For the most part you will be shooting the same targets as usual, except in reverse order. While you are allowed to position yourself so as to be able to optimally fire on the rats, you should make sure you remain in optimal range of new spawns and logi.

Which Drones Will I Receive?

  • Vindicators will assign their drones to the HHH, or if the HHH is full, the SSS
  • Snipers (Nightmares/Machariels) will assign their drones to the SSS, or if the SSS is full, the HHH
  • If both drone bunnies are full, drones may be assigned to the VVV. In this case the VVV should be made aware he has drones, and will now also function as a drone bunny.

Kill Order

  • Full Fleet Targets (FC discretion but usually Arnon/Outuni/Vylade)
  • Untagged Romi Thalamos's
  • Untagged Mara Paleos
  • DPS Targets in Reverse Order (Z → Y → X → 9 → 8 → 7 → 6 → 5 → 4 → 3 → 2 → 1)

In TCRCs: In a TCRC the heavy drone bunnies have no role, please follow FC commands for targets.


Please use the normal Vindicator fits you usually fly with. The dual web fit is for the DDD only. It should not be flown by the heavy drone bunnies under any circumstances.


Please use Void L/Null L as appropriate to maximise your damage output, as you would when flying a Vindi without roles.


  • When possible choose your targets so that there is minimal distance between subsequent targets (less travel time for drones).
  • Manually recycle your guns (decycle them and then shoot the target again) often, this will make sure drones are aggressing if recently assigned.
  • When killing full fleet targets: once the ship are shooting reaches armor, switch to the next target to reduce/eliminate the time they sit idling.
  • As the drone bunny, you do not have to follow your anchor, please ensure you are always within 35km of the AAA so that you are within rep range.

TPPH Third Room

In the 3rd room of a TPPH, you must ensure that your drones are always shooting the last Osti as it dies, this is extremely important as it ensures that the drones will not be assessed as a high threat by the newly spawning wave and targeted.

If you are quick, you may succeed in clearing all of the untagged Romis before the new wave spawns, either way, simply ensure that when there's only one Osti on grid, all of the drones assigned to you are engaging it.

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