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HQ FC List

All of our current FCs are listed below with their ranks.

Leadership (L)

These are the people who run TVP and make overall decisions on policy and arbitrate disputes.

  • Forsaken Su-un
  • Lowenheart Aus

Chief FCs (C)

These are the FCs in charge of their respective timezones on a day-to-day basis.

  • drymaid rocks (EU TZ)
  • iHades (EU TZ)
  • Rayet Ganjud (US TZ)

Instructors (I)

These are the FCs tasked with the majority of new FC training, they can backseat our T badge Training FCs and are in the best position to identify and select potential candidates for the T badge programme.

  • Henry Plantgenet
  • Julius August
  • Kayle Saviant
  • Sabby Hemanseh

Qualified FCs (F)

These are the FCs who make up the bulk of our team and run fleets on a daily basis. They have all qualified from our fairly difficult FC training programme.

  • Alexis12
  • aodeon
  • Aygo Swagtomo
  • Davionia Vanshel
  • DJB16
  • Evelyn Shaishi
  • Francis johansen
  • Gaella Runy
  • goobawhoba12 Anotherone
  • IronSoul
  • Kerry VonErich
  • Kithran/Erger V
  • Max Croxford
  • Mud Hut Mike
  • RikChaos
  • Risa Silver
  • Sean Crees
  • Skadi Endashi
  • Treflo
  • Yumi Tsuchida

Training FCs (T)

These are our newest FCs, or returning FCs who need a bit of re-training to ensure they can still run fleets safely. They can only run fleet when backseated by an Instructor/Chief/Leader.

The full T badge list is not available due to the difficulty of maintaining the list.

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