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The Golden Rules

Whilst there are many things that may get you removed from fleet if you do them repeatedly (slacking, leeroying gates, not locking broadcasts as a logi, other stupid stuff), the things below are our golden, most important rules. Breaking them even a single time is grounds for disciplinary action including a suspension or ban from TVP fleets. Please make sure you are acquainted with these rules before joining us.

1. Your fit on the waitlist must not differ from the fit you bring on grid

No exceptions. Whatever you put on the waitlist is what you bring to fleet. There are to be absolutely no alterations unless you are explicitly instructed to make those alterations by an FC. Please ensure you have documentation of those instructions in the form of a mail or chat logs. We conduct random scans of fleet members on-grid and pilots found breaking this rule will be subject to disciplinary proceedings up to and including a ban from flying with TVP.

2. You must not multibox whilst in fleet without explicit permission from the active FC

If you are in fleet, your concentration must remain on the incursion sites. Anything that in any way draws concentration away from the grid to a detrimental effect on the fleet's efficiency or safety is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Having multiple characters on-grid in fleet
  • Ratting on another character
  • Participating in any sort of fleet op on another character
  • Having another character simultaneously running incursions in another community
  • Netflix/other distractions (if they affect your performance in any way)

Exceptions to the rules can be made by the active FC, for example, scouting for the fleet on an alt, having multiple characters on-grid when the waitlist is completely empty and the fleet is running low on numbers, etc. When there is an FC change, you must receive permission from the new FC to continue any multiboxing related activities.

3. You must be able to hear and understand the FCs

For the duration of your stay you must be able to hear and understand our FC team.

This means you must be:

  • On TeamSpeak and in the correct channel.
  • Have the FC team unmuted, you may mute other players in the channel if you wish to, but any players bearing an FC related badge on TeamSpeak must remain unmuted.
  • Have your headphones/speakers unmuted
  • Have a sufficient level of English to fully understand all issued commands

4. You must not steal from or scam the community

This includes stealing members' loot if they die, stealing the loot from the Kundalini Manifest site, scamming your fellow members out of their CONCORD LP, etc. Rule of thumb: if it's hurting someone in our community, it's a big fat no.

5. You must not attempt to deceive our FC team

At all times, be 100% honest with our team. We are here to help you. If you lie to us, we cannot help you properly because we do not have the correct information.

6. You must respect FC decisions

If an FC asks you to do something, you need to do it. You must not attempt to circumvent their decision by trying to attain a favourable decision from another FC. If you are in a disagreement with an FC and you are unable to solve it with them, please escalate it to a Chief FC or to a member of Leadership who will make the final decision.

7. You must behave respectfully

Remarks of a racist, sexist or homophobic nature are prohibited. This is not an exhaustive list. If in doubt, don't say it. Creating or attempting to create a toxic situation or atmosphere in our community will result in harsh penalties.

This rule extends to other communities, do not create drama in incursion local, GCs (“good contest”) only in local after a contest. Your actions reflect on TVP and if you behave poorly, it makes all of us look bad.

8. You may stream but must follow our streaming policy if doing so:

  • You must make the FC aware of your wish to stream and receive permission to do so, under certain circumstances the FC may prohibit you from streaming, please respect their decision.
  • If there is an FC switch you must receive permission from the new FC to continue streaming.
  • You must not stream our TeamSpeak, and must cover your fleet chat and fleet broadcast/squad list windows.

If you are unsure that you are complying correctly with the above permissions, you may ask the FC in a private conversation to check your stream is appropriate by providing them with a URL.

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