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Basilisk LC

The Basilisk LC (Basi-LC), is a very important role. You have a few responsibilities and this guide will outline all of the things you have to do. You do not need any special skill points, however it will help if you have a good level of experience as a Basi.


  • Set up and maintain a stable cap chain
  • Maintain the number of “combat caps” the FC would like
  • Ensure that all Basis have at least one free cap transfer
  • Help out newbro Basis as best you can, ask the FC for help if you need it

Maintaining the Cap Chain

For those who don't know, the Basilisk is one of the two “cap chaining logi” of the Logistics Cruisers. Through its bonuses to cap transfer amount and your skills, it allows you to create cap seemingly out of thin air (the amount transferred is higher than the activation cost of the transfer).

Your job as the Basi-LC is to set up a chain of Logi capping each other in a way that ensures they are all stable, whilst also having spare cap transfers to use for giving cap to targets under neut pressure, and Vindis who require cap intermittently due to their guns and MWD's heavy cap usage.

Combat Caps

“Combat Caps” – The number of spare cap transfers not used in the cap chain.

  • In general, we wish to run with three combat caps. This allows us to comfortably run under neut pressure even if we have three Outunis spawn at the end of an NRF.
  • Every Basilisk must have at least one combat cap!

If you run below three combat caps, please re-build the cap chain in a way that follows the above principles. If refits are required please perform them in site when anchored up at a position. For example during the 1st-3rd waves on an NRF, once anchored near the tower on the 3rd room of a TPPH, or at your anchor point on a TCRC. If you finish a site and lose combat caps please inform the FC how many you have lost, and the new total. They may ask you to refit on the next gate if necessary.

Building a Stable Chain

  • Level IV Basilisks will require TWO incoming transfers
  • Level V Basilisks will require ONE incoming transfer

The conventions for creating the cap chain:

  • Names are always listed in alphabetical order
  • Normally, all Basis will cap up
  • If necessary to keep a Level 4 stable, a Basi will also cap down
  • If you are at the top of the list, capping up means it rolls around to the bottom
  • If you are at the bottom of the list, capping down means it rolls around to the top

For example, let's say we have three pilots called Apple, Banana and Croissant. Croissant is Level IV, here is the stable chain:

Logi Level Pilot Name Fit Outgoing Caps Incoming Caps Combat Caps
LVL5 Apple 4/2 Up From Banana 1
LVL5 Banana 3/3 Up AND Down From Croissant 1
LVL4 Croissant 4/2 Up From Apple AND Banana 1

As you can see, Croissant receives 2 incoming transfers, and each pilot has one combat cap, giving a total of three combat caps.

Performing Stability Checks

Sometimes you may wish to perform a stability check to ensure all Basis are capping the correct person. You will normally always perform a stability check if it is the fleet's first site after undocking. To perform a stability check:

  • Get the cap chain running
  • Get all Basis to run all their modules (Cap Transfers, Shield Boosters, RESEBOs, Afterburner) on a non-Logi player, the FC is usually a good choice
  • Ask Basis to confirm that they are all stable

If at any time you believe the chain is not stable please inform the FC and attempt to restore stability as soon as you can.

Basilove MOTD

You will need to update the MOTD as part of your job, this will require operator rights. If you do not have them please ask the FC to grant them.

The Basilove MOTD can be broken into two sections.

  1. General Information, such as standard procedure for entering sites, repping, the cap chain etc.
  2. Fleet Information, this includes who the FC, DDD and AAA are due to their importance to the Basi team, along with the current cap chain details.

Fleet Information Section

This is the only section you should edit, EVER! If you feel the other information is incorrect you must ask an FC to correct it, it is not your place to change!

Always keep the roles up to date with the active pilots who are flying them.

Please keep the cap chain up to date at all times. As you can see here it includes from left to right, the pilot logi level (L5), their fit (3/3 or 4/2) and their name. Please also include the number of combat caps down the bottom for easy reference.

Managing the Pilots in Channel

To prevent confusion, only pilots in fleet should be in the channel. If someone leaves fleet and forgets to leave the channel, please feel free to kick them by right clicking and going to Channel –> Kick. Set the duration 1 minute and the reason to “Not in Fleet”.

If you are unable to kick someone due to their operator rights, please remove their operator rights, kick them, and then add their operator rights back. Do not forget the last part!

Player Conflicts in the Channel

If there is a conflict in the channel due to bad behaviour, or a disagreement between pilots, do not under any circumstances attempt to resolve the conflict yourself. Immediately inform the FC and provide them with logs of the channel up to that point. Don't get involved yourself, it is not your place to do so.

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