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The term Influence refers to the measure of control the Sansha Nation has over a particular constellation. When the Sansha have invaded a constellation the influence meter will be full.

The influence of the attacking force (Sansha's Nation) the system effects and information on what type of presence they have is indicated by the Incursion Profile meter. An example of an Incursion Profile bar can be found on the right. Next to the word “Incursion Profile” we can see that this system is under attack from the Sansha, and that the type of combat that will be undertaken in this system is Headquarter sites.

In this example the Sansha's influence is 100%. This means they are unchallenged in this constellation. This also means that the effects they have will be at their strongest. As sites are completed by capsuleers, the Sansha's influence will become less. As will the affects of their influence.

When the Sansha are invading a constellation, the following penetrates or “incursion affects” will occur:

  • System-wide Cynosural Field Jammers are in effect.
  • Penalty on Concord bounty's are in effect - This also affects missions and ratting, but not incursion payouts.
  • Defensive systems are affected - Shield and Armor resistances are reduced.
  • Offensive systems are affected and deal less damage.

If capsuleers stop defending the constellation against the Sansha's forces, then the attacking forces will regain their influence over the system.

High Influence

If the Sansha's Influence over the constellation measures greater than 20%, the FC will require you to fit for High Influence! This is to compensate for the increased damage that you will take while fighting the Sansha.

The Graphic below indicates the changes that you must make to be safe under High Influence fleets!


  • Remove a utility mid slot
    • Advanced Vindicator - Remove a Tracking computer. Swap the two Drone Damage Amplifiers for two Tracking Enhancers
    • Machariels and Basic Nightmares - remove a Tracking Computer
    • Basic Vindicators remove the Stasis Webafier
    • All other Nightmares - remove a Sensor Booster
  • Add a Large Shield Extender


  • Remove a Remote Sensor Booster
  • Add an Adaptive Invulnerability Field - Must be Tech Two or better!

Scimitars - Logistics Cruiser 4 & Advanced 4TL fits

  • Remove a Remote Tracking Computer
  • Add an Adaptive Invulnerability Field - Must be Tech Two or better!

LSE Scimitar

You have enough EHP, you should not need to refit!

Influence Graphic

When Should I fit for High Influence?

  • When the Sansha's influence is over 20%
  • When preparing to attack the Kundalini Manafest! (4TL Scimis Only)

Waitlisting for High Influence

If the fleet is flying under high influence, you will be required to show us your fit on the waitlist before you can be invited. Please add your high influence fit to the waitlist so that the FC does not need to contact you to get this done!

You may link us up to four fits, so if you only fly with us in two different ships, feel free to link both of those ships with their normal and high influence fits. Put in the Comment to the FC section what fits are normal and what ones are high influence.

Going Back to Optimal Fits

When the danger has passed and the fleet is no longer to fly under High Influence conditions, the FC will ask you to switch back to your optimal (normal) fits.

If possible you should fly with a mobile depot and your spear mods so you can just change in space without having to dock. However should you not have your modules with you, the FC will give you time to head to the nearest station or citadel to change your fit!

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