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Becoming a TVP FC

At TVP we are constantly on the look out for new FCs. If being an FC sounds like something that interests you, have a read through this page and have a go at it!

A good FC should:

  • Have a good attitude and demeanour when talking to the fleet
  • Be calm and composed at all times, even under stress
  • Be a good multitasker
  • Be a quick learner
  • Be able to learn from their mentors and their own mistakes quickly


To be considered as a potential candidate you must:

  • Know how to tag and have experience doing the TTT role

Other things that will make you a better candidate include:

  • Knowing how to perform all roles
  • Having good general knowledge of incursions from experience flying them

Getting Started

We operate a trial programme known colloquially as “P Badging” or “voicing”. You simply have to ask the active FC (F+ badges only, Training FCs cannot backseat P badges).

The P Badge is temporary, upon receiving it you will be able to join Channel Command on TeamSpeak, to do this simply right click on your name and click “Channel Commander”, the icon beside your name will turn orange. The FC backseating you will use channel command to talk to you privately and tell you what to say if you forget or do not know. You will need a key to talk back to them, it is helpful if you have this set up in advance as then the FC will not have to explain it to you.

Setting up a Channel Command Whisper Key

  1. In TeamSpeak, go to “Preferences”
  2. Go to the “Whisper” tab
  3. Click “Whisper Lists”
  4. Click “New”
  5. Press the key on your keyboard you want to use for the whisper
  6. Set the following settings on the page:
    • Whisper to: Groups
    • Group Whisper Type: Channel Commander
    • Group Whisper Target: Current Channel

Entering into our Training Programme

After every P Badge session, the FC will debrief you either by sending you a mail, or giving you a rundown in a private channel on TeamSpeak. They will also send a mail to our FC mailing list detailing your session.

If you show good promise and take as many opportunities as possible to P Badge, one of our senior FCs (Chief/Instructor) will take you aside at some point and get you enrolled into our training programme. At that point you would receive a permanent Training badge on TeamSpeak and be allowed to join the FC channel in-game, and additionally you would gain access to additional sections of this wiki which will help you along your path to becoming a fully qualified FC.

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