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Light Drone Bunny Guide (DDD)

Light Drone Bunny is one of three drone bunny roles that our fleets require on a daily basis. It is a fun and challenging role.

As DDD you are allowed to fly with a dual web (if you wish to do so), and you will receive priority Remote Tracking Links and Remote Sensor Boosters from the logistics pilots in order to help you with your job.

Which Drones will I Receive?

  • Logistics pilots (Basis/Scimis) will assign their light drones (usually Warriors) to you

Kill Order

In TPPHs/NRFs: Follow the “NRSET” acronym.

  • Full Fleet Targets (FC discretion but usually Arnon/Outuni/Vylade)
  • Niarja
  • Renyn
  • Schmaeel
  • Eystur
  • Tama

On the NRF 3rd Wave: Please shoot the Maras, if there are more than one, please shoot the bleeding/X tagged one first.


  • Niarja is always the priority target, kill it as soon as you can
  • When there is no Niarja, kill untagged Schmaeels.
  • When both Niarja and all Untagged Schmaeels are cleared, shoot the tower
  • The Niarja will periodically respawn, as soon as it respawns kill it, then switch back to other targets (Schmaeels/Tower)
  • Do NOT kill Renyns!


The optimal fit for the advanced vindicator is the dual web fit. You should carry a mobile depot with the replacement mods if you intend to regularly DDD. Please note that you do not have to fly with dual web, many DDDs prefer to fly with a single web.

Please make the following changes to the advanced Vindicator to fit for DDD dual web:

  • Remove 1x Tracking Computer
  • Fit 1x True Sansha Stasis Webifier
  • Remove 2x Drone Damage Amplifier
  • Fit 2x Republic Fleet Tracking Enhancer (or T2)


We highly recommend using Faction Antimatter L when acting as DDD, i.e. Caldari Navy Antimatter L/Federation Navy Antimatter L. Void L has a significant tracking penalty which makes it very difficult to use for shooting fast moving targets such as frigates.

If you have maxed out skills and feel comfortable being able to clear frigates at a rate that does not slow the fleet down then you may use Void L instead. If you do choose to use Void, you should inform the Scimi providing your links that you wish to receive 2x Tracking and 1x Optimal (they will usually give 1x Tracking and 2x Optimal).


  • When possible choose your targets so that there is minimal distance between subsequent targets (less travel time for drones)
  • Manually recycle your guns (decycle them and then shoot the target again) often, this will make sure drones are aggressing if recently assigned.
  • When killing full fleet targets: once the ship are shooting reaches armor, switch to the next target to reduce/eliminate the time they sit idling.
  • As the drone bunny, you do not have to follow your anchor, please ensure you are always within 35km of the AAA so that you are within logi rep range. For newly respawning waves you should position yourself halfway between the Vindi/Sniper anchors so that regardless of which fleet member the frigates target you will be within range.

TPPH Third Room

In the 3rd room of a TPPH, you must ensure that your drones are always shooting the last Osti as it dies, this is extremely important as it ensures that the drones will not be assessed as a high threat by the newly spawning wave and targeted.

If you are quick, you may succeed in clearing the entire frigate wave before all the Ostis dies, either way, simply ensure that when there's only one Osti on grid, all of the drones assigned to you are engaging it.

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