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The goal of the MTAC is to prevent the Sansha-Battletower from being repaired by the Shield Transfer Array. To do this, you must transfer one Concord MTAC into the Shield Transfer Array approximately every 105 seconds. Any Machariel can MTAC, you just need a Small Tractor Beam attached to your ship. Below is the current MTAC guide image

Step by Step

Do not take the gate with the fleet, wait 10 seconds!

If you do this, it will help prevent you from pulling aggression from the rats. This should make it easier for you to get to the concord factory.

  1. Apon landing, burn straight towards the MTAC factory. Be careful not to bump off it!
  2. Open your cargo and split your ammo or nanite paste into one stack of one unit, and the rest.
  3. Right click on the one unit of ammo or nanite and jettison it.
  4. A cargo container will appear. Open it, and open the MTAC factory. Drag one unit from the MTAC factory to the can.
  5. Start burning towards the shield transfer array, and tractor beam your can behind you. Once you are in range of the Shield Transfer Control Tower, drop your MTAC in it.
  • This process needs to be completed every one minute and 45 seconds, so try using a stop-watch.
  • Do not burn with your Prop Mod on, it will cause you to bump of structures making it harder to complete the role.
  • Every time you drop an MTAC, it restarts the timer to two minutes before the tower will next repair. So if you drop when the tower is about to die, you do not need to drop another!
  • Do not remove all items from your can until the tower dies! It will cause your can to be removed from space and you may not be able to jettison another one in time.

Whilst you are learning, you may avoid shooting the tower, however as soon as you are comfortable with the role you need to also be shooting the tower with the fleet.

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