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Recommended Training

This page is a mess and unfinished in many places. I only noticed how bad it is today. #BlameNyx. I'll fix it up soon. Read at your own peril. — Aygo Swagtomo 2017/03/12 00:52

The following plans have been designed to strike a balance between getting you into fleets as quickly as possible whilst still keeping you both productive and safe. The plans are designed to work along side our fits and should be imported into EVEMon to allow you to figure out what you are missing.

Download EVEMon from the Official Developer Website

A quick guide to: Using Evemon

To Import Your Plan

  1. Download and Install Evemon
  2. Create an API key (full key, Character, No Expiry)
  3. File > Add API Key > Enter Details > Click Next > Complete Character Import Process
  4. Select your character tab
  5. Menu - Plans > Import from File

Plans can be downloaded below.

Hyperion Entry Plan

Maelstrom Entry Plan

The basic plans are designed to work with our basic fits and the absolute minimum skill requirements that can be found here.

Our intermediate plans add extra base skills that can be seen in the table below, they are designed to work with the advanced fits on the official TVP website. Please note that you should upgrade your ship as soon as possible and before completing this plan, so you may need to train some fitting skills to make your fits work before this plan is completed!

Our advanced plans add every skill we can think of that could possibly make a difference to your ship to level V.

Intermediate Battleship Plan Quick Reference Chart

Skill Reason Exceptions?
Tank Skills
Hull Upgrades V Increases Tank No Exceptions
Drone Skills
Drone Avionics IV Drone Range No Exceptions
Drone Durability IV Drone Tank No Exceptions
Drone Navigation IV Drone Speed No Exceptions
Drone Sharpshooting IV Drone Accuracy No Exceptions
Light/Medium/Heavy Drone (skill) Increases DPS No Exceptions
Capacitor Skills
Capacitor Management IV Capacitor Life No Exceptions
Capacitor System Operation IV Capacitor Life No Exceptions
Gunnery Skills
Controlled Bursts IV Capacitor Life This skills is not required for Machs, projectiles don't consume cap.
Motion Prediction IV Applied DPS No Exceptions
Rapid Firing IV DPS No Exceptions
Sharpshooter IV Applied DPS No Exceptions
Surgical Strike IV DPS No Exceptions
Trajectory Analysis IV Applied DPS No Exceptions
Navigation Skills
Acceleration Control IV Increases Speed No Exceptions
Evasive Maneuvering IV Ship Agility No Exceptions
Warp Drive Operation IV Capacitor Life No Exceptions
Other Skills
Racial Battleship Skills IV Gives better ship bonuses Nightmares does not get Caldari BS above level I due to no skill bonus gained that is useful for TVP fleets.
T2 Racial Guns (level 3 spec skill) Better Ammo/DPS No Exceptions
Cybernetics V Use of high-end implants No Exceptions

On-Grid Boosting

Skill plans will be released as soon as Evemon is updated by its developers to allow leadership plans to be designed for the November changes.

As of the November 2016 patch, we will be forced to use on-grid boosters. While TVP's policy regarding the number, type, and fit has not yet been decided, it is clear that on some level we are going to require public pilots to boost for us at times. Due to fleet safety, this may be somewhat restricted. More information will be released when we have it. If you are interested in boosting for TVP, you will find the required skills below. For maximum efficency, once the first two plans are completed, move on to the Max Skills plan.

For required skills Click Here

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