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Scimitar LC

The Scimitar LC (Scimi-LC), is a very important role. You have a few responsibilities and this guide will outline all of the things you have to do. You do not need any special skill points, however it will help if you have a good level of experience as a Scimi.


  • Assigning Tracking Links.
  • Help out newbro Scimis as best you can.
  • Follow Sansha lasers and watch for people who fail to broadcast or do not broadcast on time. Broadcast them as a target to ensure they receive reps. (If you fail to catch someone it's not your fault, it's just helpful for the FC if you do, try to save us some paperwork please!)

The only part of your job that requires you to deal with the MOTD is to assign tracking links so that Scimis know who to run their Remote Tracking Computers on.

Distribution Priority

Please assign links as follows:

  1. DDD - 3x Links (2x Tracking + 1x Optimal if using Void) (1x Tracking + 2x Optimal if using Antimatter)
  2. HHH/SSS - 1x Optimal
  3. Other Vindicators - 1x Optimal (Do not give Vindicators more than one link, ever)
  4. Nightmares - 1x Tracking
  5. Machariels - 1x Tracking

In a TCRC all links should be assigned to the DDD.

If you have spare links after linking the Vindicators and or Nightmares, check with the FC to see if they wish to have one, before linking the Machariels.

Scimilove MOTD

You will need to update the MOTD as part of your job, this will require operator rights. If you do not have them please ask the FC to grant them.

Scimilove MOTD can be broken into two sections.

  1. General Information, such as standard procedure for entering sites, repping, etc.
  2. Fleet Information, this includes who the FC, DDD and AAA are due to their importance to the Scimi team along with the current link distributions.

Fleet Information Section

This is the only section you should edit, EVER! If you feel the other information is incorrect you must ask an FC to correct it, it is not your place to change!

Always keep the roles up to date with the active pilots who are flying them.

Please keep the link assignations up to date. As you can see here the format, from left to right is:

  • Logi pilot name
  • Number of links they have
  • People they are linking (with their roles in brackets if applicable)

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