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This guide is written by a CONCORD LP buyer, and someone who flys with TVP. It is aimed at giving you information on how you can sell your LP for ISK.

Option One, Selling to a Buyer

Selling to a buyer you know is faster and easier ISK. Transactions must always be completed via contracts, do not use trade windows!

You will need:

  • 500k+ Concord LP (may differ with some buyers)
  • 400M+ ISK

Your buyer will link you a station, go there. If it is a CONCORD station the buyer will instruct you to buy an item, usually a BPC. Buy that item and sell it to the buyer for ISK. Make sure you charge the buyer for both the LP and the store cost of the item. For example the 25000mm Armour Plate 5 run BPC is 200m ISK and 200k LP. At 900k/LP this means you should charge the buyer 200m+(900*200,000)=380,000,000isk.

If the station is not a 'CONCORD Station', which is usually the case, the situation is more complicated. Please note while these sales are legit there are more ways for you to be scammed so pay close attention.

When you arrive at the station, your buyer will give you a set of tags. The buyer will charge you collateral. It is extremely important that you check the collateral, make sure the value is fair for the value of the tags. You can check this in a number of ways such as Eve Appraisal, but we recommend using a Jita alt as the market is small and often manipulated.

Once you have the tags, you can buy the item. The buyer will indicate what item they want. This is usually a BPC of some kind. Double check with the buyer you are getting the correct BPC, getting the wrong one can be a costly mistake.

In order to buy your item, you need to exchange your LP. To do this press the top right button of the store, “Exchange LP”. This will allow you to convert Concord LP to the LP of that particular store. Convert the required amount of Concord LP to store LP so you have enough to buy the item requested. Note here that 1 Concord LP will get you 0.8 store LP, in most cases. This is the equivalent to saying 1.25 Concord LP will get you 1 Store LP. Make sure however that you do not convert too much LP as you will then be stuck with it. You can always convert more Concord LP to Store LP but you cannot do the reverse.

Once you have the LP, buy the item. You may need to close and re-open the LP store first. One you have the item you can sell it to the buyer. Please look carefully as very few people get this right the first time. The buyer can offer you two prices for your item:

  • Price=Store Fee + 1.25*LP cost + tags
  • Price=Store Fee + 1.25*LP cost + collateral refund

Meaning the buyer can give you a lower price and a new set of tags for free to buy the next item; or they can refund your collateral. Both are fine, but the latter is much easier to do when using contracts. Don't Forget about the LP store's fee, and don't forget about the 1.25 LP conversion penalty! This SHOULD BE refunded by the buyer!

Usually you need to repeat the above steps several times to burn through all the LP you want to sell to your buyer. If you trust your buyer, you can do larger amounts of tags/items per batch, or you can use trade windows. Both add risk, but it also speeds the process up immensely.

Option Two, Do it Yourself

This process involves selling your LP yourself, you can make more ISK but it is slower and more expensive to start off.

You will need:

  • Concord LP (however much you think is worthwhile)
  • ISK (depends on your plans and LP amount; think billions)
  • Basic Industrial skills
  • Cloaky-hauler

Read the whole thing before you start:

First you must find a profitable item to build. Go to the Fuzzwork LP store, pick a corporation, tick “blueprints” and take either buy or sell prices. Sort the result on ISK/LP. For most stores, keep in mind the 0.8 conversion penalty (some corporations do not allow LP conversion). Your ISK per concord LP will be 20% lower than what it says on fuzzworks. Some corporations have worse ratios. Check before you buy. We highly recommend you double-check fuzzwork's math before committing yourself. A professional LP buyer will have spreadsheets to automate the process, and ensure that it's is accurate.

Once you've picked a profitable item, find out how many of them you can expect to sell. Some markets are very small, don't end up stuck with some items you cannot sell. Next buy all the tags you will need to buy the BPC you've selected, this will take quite a bit of money. Be careful here, fat fingers can cost a lot of money. Put all the tags in your cloaky-hauler. Go to the station finder, find where the nearest station of your selected corp is, and go there. Buy all the items, put them in your cloaky-hauler, and head back to Jita. In Jita put all your BPCs into production. You will have to buy insignificant amounts of minerals for this, and pay insignificant amounts of taxes. Once they're done sell the items.

Concord BPCs: These are far harder to work with. They require about 2b ISK per BPC run, finish in 40 hours with good skills, require lots of hauling of expensive PI items, and cannot be built in Jita due to crippling taxes. These aren't impossible, and can make good money, but they are much harder than they appear at first glance. Try it with just one BPC before you commit to more.

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