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Tagging (TTT Role)

Mailing List

This information is also available in the in-game mailing list “Tagging TVP” for quick reference. Make sure to join!

Setting up your shortcuts

  • Press Esc > Shortcuts > Combat
  • Please make sure each of these sequencers have a key
    • Tag item Seq 1-9
    • Tag item Seq A-I
    • Tag item Seq X,Y,Z
    • Tag items as X

Tagging Efficiently

DPS Targets (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9):

  • Hold down your hotkey for “Tag item from sequence: 1 through 9”
  • Click the Numbers targets in order (there may be a visual delay, don't worry, just click through the targets in order. On the last tag, keep clicking through until you get tag 9 (you want to take it slow here to not go past 9)

Sniper Targets (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I):

  • Repeat the above process with the “A through I” sequencer for sniper targets, again, make sure to keep clicking on the last rate until they are tag I.

Additional DPS Targets (X,Y,Z):

  • If there are still enough DPS targets still up, use the “X, Y, Z” sequencer on those.

Think about which part of the fleet needs their targets first; NRF first wave snipers will shoot long before vindis can web, NRF second wave DPS need their targets first so vindis can web etc. Thank you for helping the FC out immensely! This is one of the more difficult roles and stepping up for it is noticed and appreciated!


Please do not tag during a contest, the FC will call out the targets to shoot and give direction. They may use tags themselves, but you should refrain from trying to guess them/help out unless they specifically tell you to as it will just confuse fleet members.


  • L = Letters
  • N = Numbers
  • X = Tag as X
  • BC = Broadcast as target

You should generally tag things in the order listed, e.g. if L is given before N, you should tag letters first.

True Creations Research Centre (TCRC)

When Site is Normal:

  • X: 2x Schmael circling the MTAC (ususally about 90-95km from beacon), Auga
  • BC: Closest/lowest speed Deltole (it is important to do this fast, don't worry too much about picking the best target)
  • N: Broadcasted Deltole, Outuni, Other Deltoles

When Site is Preloaded:

  • X: 2x Schmael circling the MTAC, Auga
  • N: Outuni, Deltole

If you miss the Schmaels, don't panic!

  • First of all, try to find them, one potential way to spot them is that if the MTAC burns quickly, they will generally break off on the agro switch and go web him.
  • If you lose them, whomever has the aggro from the two Romis will also have aggro from the correct schmaels, you can try asking him to broadcast them.
  • If you miss them past this stage, they're pretty much lost. Tag all of the Schmaels with number tags, and then when new Schmaels respawn tag those as X

True Power Provisional Headquarters (TPPH)

Room 1

  • L: Auga, Vylade
  • N: Outuni, Osti

NOTE: Some FCs may call to kill Augas before Vylade

Room 2

  • L: Mara, Auga, Antems
  • N: Deltole, Osti, Romi

Room 3 Wave 1

  • N: Mara, Osti

Room 3 Wave 2

  • N: Deltole, Intaki, Osti

Room 3 Wave 3

  • X: Arnon
  • N: Outuni, Vylade, Antem, Yulai, Osti

Nation Rebirth Facility (NRF)

Wave 1

  • L: Mara, Vylade, Uitra
  • N: Deltole, Osti, Romi,

Wave 2

  • N: Uitra, Romi, Osti
  • L: Antem, Yulai

Wave 3

  • N: Vylade, Romi
  • L: Antem, Yulai

Wave 4

  • N: Outuni, Vylade, Deltole, Intaki, Osti, Romi
  • L: Antem, Yulai

The Kundalini Manafest (MOM)

Note: Usually Tagged by an FC.

In Order: (L/N - Letters or Numbers depending on optimal range and location compered to the fleet)

  • X: Lirsautton Parichaya
  • L/N: Arnon
  • L/N: Outuni
  • X: The Kundalini Manafest


If the FC wishes to bounce from a site they may call to “clear scrams”/“kill scrams”/“kill Xs”. In the case of this, you can help out by tagging the scrams on grid with an X tag.


  • X: Tama, Outuni, Auga, Deltole, Schmael

Remember: TOADS!

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