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TeamSpeak Authentication

As of December 2016, we have implemented TeamSpeak Authentication for our HQ fleets.


We were having issues with a number of EVE players who would spy on our comms and use them to figure out the best times to engage in ganking/loot stealing/trolling/etc. They would wait for when the FC was distracted or unusually stressed and strike at those times. Because of these issues it became necessary for us to secure our voice channels so that only pilots actively flying with us could join TeamSpeak.

What restrictions are in place?

To join the TVP HQ Fleet #1 (Protected) channel you must be flying in the current fleet or possess a badge which exempts you from authentication.

Some badges which are exempt from authentication are:

  • Auth Exempt - This badge is granted to certain pilots who are an integral part of our community and like to hang around on comms. We do not accept applications for this badge, if you're eligible for it, we'll talk to you about it. All “Auth Exempt” pilots have to be vouched by an active FC.
  • All FC related badges (HQ/VG)
  • VG Elite - Due to the difficulty of obtaining this badge, we are happy to trust members possessing it with permanent access to the fleet channel.

People who are not authenticated and in fleet will receive an error upon attempting to join the channel.

How do I set up authentication?

Note: This process must be followed once per TeamSpeak client. After performing this process once, you will not need to repeat it unless you change your TeamSpeak identity.

  1. Disconnect from TeamSpeak
  2. Refresh the waitlist homepage, login if you have not already done so
  3. Click the Connect and Link TS3 Identity button

How can I verify my identity was linked successfully?

  1. Click on your name in TeamSpeak
  2. Look at your Server Groups
  3. Check for the Waitlist Authenticated group
  4. If you have the Waitlist Authenticated group, your authentication is complete

I have joined fleet, but I cannot join the fleet channel, what is the issue?

After you accept an invite to join the fleet, it can take up to 60 seconds for your server groups to be synced. You will know the update is complete once you have been assigned the Auth Active server group. You will then be able to join the fleet channel as normal.

Please note that your Auth Active group will be revoked when you leave fleet, and will be automatically reapplied the next time you join fleet. The system is fully automated.

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