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Efficiently and Safely Upgrading Your Machariel

This is a comprehensive guide to upgrading from our basic Machariel or similar to the advanced Machariel fit.

We understand that not everyone can invest heavily in their ship fits at the start of their incursion career, however upgrading your fit offers many rewards including; higher DPS for more isk per hour, less capacitor issues, and most importantly safer by upgrading your tank.

Assumptions Made by the Author

For this guide we assume you have our basic Machariel fit or something similar. The goal is to get you into the advanced Machariel fit.

Basic Steps

You should start by get a Deadspace micro-warp drive. We recommend the Core C-Type 500MN Micro-warpdrive as the Machariel dose not typically have cap issues. But if you plan to switch your prop-mod between other battleships we recommend the Core X-Type 500MN Micro-warpdrive, it is as expensive as they come but it is also the best. It should be noted that while this prop mods stats look very similar to other prop mods in its class this one will give you substantially better cap life.

Switching the Tank

The switch from basic to advanced, pay special attention here!

The tank on your Machariel is the most important upgrade you can make. If done incorrectly it could prevent you from being invited to fleet.

Step 1 can be done by itself, however, the 2-4 must be completed at the same time. If you cannot afford faction modules in step 4, T2 modules are accepted but should be upgraded as soon as possible.

  1. Get a single Pith C or Pith A (depending on how much you choose to spend originally we recommend getting the Pithum C-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field. It is cheaper and is the minimum required invul for the advanced Machariel fit.
  2. Get a second Pith C or Pith A. When this is done you need to remove your Pithum C-Type EM Ward Amplifier and all of your rigs.
  3. Add one of each of the following rigs:
    • Large Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
    • Large Projectile Burst Aerator II
    • You are now flying with the intermediate/advanced tank.
  4. Fill your empty mid slot that is empty with a single Shadow Serpentis Tracking Computer (Tracking Computer II - Is acceptable on a temporary basis)

Bling for Joy, Bling for Goodness!

At this stage you are considered an intermediate or advanced tank Machariel, you do more damage than you used to, but there is still more improvements you should make.

  • Replace any T2 damage and tracking modules with faction, they preform better, make you look more impressive and earn you better isk/hr.
  • If you have Pith C or B invuls, you should also aim to get Pith As as fast as possible, they are very expensive but if you take full aggro they can save your life.

Final Things to work on.

While T1 artillery is acceptable, please work towards T2 guns as soon as possible. Please note any upgrades beyond this point in the fit are at your discretion we DO NOT however cover officer mods in our SRP program. For more information on acceptable drone load outs please click here.

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