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On-Grid Boosting

At The Valhalla Project, all of our ships are designed to run without combat boosts, they only increase the safety and efficiency of our fleets. They do this by providing a boost to the attributes of our ships. For more information on the new boosting system you can check out or brief on-grid boosting overview here.

This article is aimed at giving you enough information on how to fly your boosting ship so that you maximize your effectiveness on grid. As any boosting ships on grid are going to be almost completely incapable of applying any damage to the Sansha's Nations forces it is important that they fly as effectively as possible to make up for the lost DPS incurred by reducing the number of damage ships on field. Please read this guide carefully and if you have any questions do not be afraid to ask your FC while boosting.

Getting In Fleet

To join fleet as a booster check that you meet the following conditions:

  1. You are in focus,
  2. Have a Claymore with an approved fit,
  3. Have enough Nanite Paste & Boosting Charges

If you meet the above conditions you can waitlist up with your boosting ship. Make sure you have another ship (Logi or DPS) available as FC boosters take priority and you may be asked to reship should the new FC choose to boost.

NOTE: There is only one Boosting slot in fleet and as such invites for boosting ships may be slow!

Before Un-Docking

These are the following checks that should be completed before you un-dock as the fleet booster.

Un-dock Check List

  • Your fit is acceptable,
  • You have enough Nanite Paste for any repairs you have to do due to overheat damage,
  • You have enough of the correct boosting scripts (remember you can expect to go through 300 scripts per reload, approximately one reload every 5 hours),

Current Boosting Scripts Required

Last Updated: 1st Nov 2016.

Script Name Script TypeBurst Module Required Recommended number of scripts
Active Shielding Charge Shield Shield Command Burst II 75/Per Boosting Hour
Shield Extension Charge Shield Shield Command Burst II 75/Per Boosting Hour
Active Harmonizing Charge Shield Shield Command Burst II 75/Per Boosting Hour
Rapid Deployment Charge Skirmish Skirmish Command Burst II 75/Per Boosting Hour

While in Fleet

This section is the most important part, it outlines your role and provides you with the basic information you need before you boost for us.

Anchoring Positions

You should at all times make sure you are in the correct place, if pilots are not with in the range of your bursts when they go activate they will not receive the boost and could then be vulnerable to incoming damage, or at a minimum be less efficient than the rest of the fleet.

Please note the following:

  • You Should anchor on the AAA (keep at range 5km - to avoid bumping the AAA or logi).
  • Keep an eye to make sure that Vindicators and logi are with in the effect radius of your burst modules - If logi, or multiple DPS are out of range, you should notify the FC immediately.
  • If you believe you are going to run out of changes before you will be leaving fleet, let your FC know so you can restock at a safe moment such as a TPPH tower bash. The scripts are cheap and small, so in an ideal world you should carry as many as you can so your not likely to run out.

Site Specific Considerations


  • The TCRC has a high ammount of DPS on field, and during a Preloaded site entry this should all be focused on one pilot. Please make sure that you activate your burst modules before the meat-shield takes the gate if at all possible.
  • During the TCRC tower bash, the Sansha rats will focus their DPS heavily on a individual pilots, please make sure you are positioned so that the DPS, Sniper and Logi Squads are all within your optimal.


  • The last wave depending on the size of the spawn puts out more DPS than a TCRC, make sure you are over 25km away from the Outuni spawn point, to avoid being nuted out.
  • Please also check that the majority of the Vindicators are in range after everyone has anchored for the final spawn.


  • During the first two rooms, give off a burst (if possible) on the becon then burn directly to the acceleration gate.
  • During the final room please try and keep the fleet in range as much as possible, however the priority is the Logi Squad.

Kundalini Manifest

  • The entry of this site is preformed like the TCRC, due to the likely presents of Fighter Bombers, the incoming damage to the meat shield is extremely hazardous. Please (where possible) ensure the fleet gets a burst before the meat-shield takes the gate.
  • Please position yourself between the logi and DPS so that the fleet gets boosts, if possible try and cover the becon as well, but the logi and DPS attacking the Mother ship are the top priority.

Thank-you for helping your your fleet, remember that FC boosters will take priority so have a ship available so you can switch if an FC booster becomes available.

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