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Sniper Guide

While the newbie is aimed at newer pilots or returning pilots that wish to refresh their memory this guide is made for pilots who wish to get a more indepth guide on flying a sniper boat. If you are reading this guide and are new to TVP and have not yet read the Newbro Guide please do so by Clicking Here.


For information on the minimum required skills to fly in TVP fleets please go to the Minimum Skill Requirements page. On top of those skills you MUST be able to online all modules on your ship. Note that Tech one or faction guns are allowed if you cannot use Tech Two guns. If you can not use Tech Two or 'Augmented' drones please use faction drones, not 'integrated' drones.

As a Sniper skills that will improve your experience and abilities include skills that:

  • Improve your gunnery damage (such as: surgical strike, motion prediction etc)
  • Improve your drone damage (such as: drone navigation, drone sharpshooter etc)
  • Increase your tank (such as: mechanics, hull upgrades, shield management etc)
  • Improve your capacitor (such as: capacitor management)
  • Improve the effectiveness of your hull (minmitar battleship, gallente battleship, amarr battleship depending on your ship).

You should aim to get the skills that fit into the above category to level 5 as fast as you can.

Fit Variations

The Nightmare and Machariel, come in a range of fits including, the basic fit, intermediate and advanced fits. The fits can be found here. Each fit gains more ability and therefore you should aim to get the advanced fits as soon as possible. This will help you get into fleets faster and make you a safer pilot.

Flying the Ship

Nightmares and Machs are long range sniping ships. Our fits are designed for maximum damage and effectiveness. For this reason as a sniper you have two jobs while you're on grid.

  • Anchor Up!
  • Shoot Things
  • Roles


The AAA is your anchor. In TPPHs and NRFs you should burn to your AAA and keep them at range 5kms. Avoid bumping the anchor at all times as they are responsible to keep all snipers and logi in the correct place. In TCRCs and The Kundalini Manafest, when told burn to your optimal on the tower/super carrier. Do not anchor on the AAA in these sites.

Shooting your Guns

As a sniper you deal damage in two forms: drones and guns. As you assign your drones to a designated person (your SSS and DDD (Light Drones Only), who can be found in the fleet MOTD) who is responsible for using them to deal damage, an ordinary sniper does not have to worry about their drones, just launch them, assign them, and recall them.

Your primary damage is therefore your guns.

Tech 2 or Meta 4

When you first start running with us, you may not have the skills to use Tech 2 (T2) guns, and as such you may use the equivalent Meta 4 guns as a substitute whilst you train for T2. You should upgrade to T2 as soon as possible as they have vastly improved performance and allow you to use T2 ammos (Quake for Machariels, Gleam for Nightmares) which have their own bonuses.


Snipers should aim to carry multiple types of ammo and of course nanite paste. As you learn to fly your ship you will work out a good quantity of each to carry, but if you're starting out we would recommend:


  • 5,000 Republic Fleet EMP L
  • 5,000 Quake L
  • 3,000 Nanite Repair Paste


  • 12 Gleam
  • 12 Faction Multifrequency
  • 12 Faction Ultraviolet
  • 3,000 Nanite Repair Paste
  • Nightmare Cap Chain: Nightmares are required to cap buddy with another Nightmare,
    We recommend joining the Nightmare TVP channel, this can be found in the fleet MOTD.
  • If you are not able to use Quake use Faction EMP and if you are a Nightmare who can not use Gleam stick to the faction ammos listed above.

It is important to use the right ammo for the right situations, Make sure the ammo use is appropriate for the distance the target, (eg is the target you're shooting in range of your optimal). If you don't know what ammo you should be using ask in fleet chat.


Our snipers have two specific support roles, Anchor (AAA), MTAC). Learning roles and volunteering on a regular basis will get you noticed by FCs and may cause you to get priority invites at times.

AAA (Machariel Preferred, Nightmare Acceptable)

The Anchor is responsible for making sure that snipers are in an optimal position to kill their targets, but even more importantly the AAA is responsible to make sure that the logi are in the right place and will be able to keep the logi safe from bumping structures, and in range of the DPS ships as well. The AAA is very important and is one of the few roles used in every single site. For more information on this role and how to do it visit Anchoring and Fleet Positioning (AAA/VVV Roles).

MTAC (Machariel Only)

The MTAC is an easy role, it is only used in the TCRC. Without the MTAC the TCRC cannot be completed. For more information view MTAC. To work as an MTAC you need a tractor beam. If you do not have one fitted to your ship carry one in your cargo bay and keep a mobile depot as well so you can refit with little or no notice.

Faction Guns (Nightmare)

If you do not have the required skills for T2 guns, you may temporarily fit faction guns. Please train for and upgrade to T2 guns as soon as possible. Faction guns have inferior performance to T2.

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