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The Valhalla Project Official Wiki

Who are we?

We are the premier EVE Online HighSec Sansha Incursion community. We fly highly efficient shield HQ fleets with elite FCs and optimised pirate battleships and T2 logistics cruisers. We push the boundaries on ISK/hr in EVE Online.

This Wiki

This Wiki was created so as to collect all the information we have about incursions and put it in one place instead of our old policy of simply keeping it all in our heads and passing it on. Whilst we'll still continue passing information from person-to-person, there's now a way for people to learn without having to ask everything!

Please note that this wiki is focused on HQ related information, for VG related information, please consult one of our many experienced VG pilots.

Are you a TVP FC?

Login to the waitlist using your primary FC character, then click here to set a password for the wiki. We have a lot of useful reference material and various templates for FC use which you will be able to access once you have logged in.

Everything you could possibly need to know

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